I'm currently living in Australia, but as there always seems to be some uncertainty as to where I'm going to live next, I thought it would be nice to start to document my studios, over the years.

Warehouse Studio in Camperdown Sydney.


2017 - 2018


2015 - 2016

Living in Singapore for 2 years, with a studio located at my house near Orchard Road. Due to the weather there, HOT HOT or HOT, I decided the less traveling, the better! It was a great spot with a leafy outlook.


2011- 2014

Sui On Building
243 Des Vouex Road West
Hong Kong

Des Voeux Road West

I was in this studio for three years and Hong Kong for four.

Due to limited space and high rents in Hong Kong, I felt very fortunate to be the proud occupant of my 500 sq feet space in De Voeux Road West. Everyone talks in square feet in this town. It's a very corporate orientated country and commercially driven, where money measures success so trying to tap into the creative HK was a challenge.

Des Voeux Road is where all the HK trams snake along the north-west side of the island The road was named after Sir George William Des Voeux, who was the 10th Governor of Hong Kong in 1887.

This area is packed with dried seafood shops, all selling the most amazing looking food. Apparently, 50 years ago, the area was called the ‘Salty Fish Hood’ because most shops sold salty fish. It's now a mix of high rise residential with the ground floor are selling anything from abalone to shark fins. It’s a wonderful sight walking through here looking at all the dried seafood, literally drying in cane baskets along the footpath and lane ways. I swear I saw some weird looking dried eel or maybe it was snake on the sidewalk a few days ago.

This area is definitely a feast for the eyes and nose. Always busy with lots of butchers, bakeries and markets thrown in the mix.


2007 - 2010

Lennox Street Studios, Newtown

Lennox Street was a privilege to be part of. I met some wonderful artists and loved the community spirit and creativity it encompasses.

To read more about the studio and the yearly exhibition they have, check out their website:




My first studio out of art school. This studio was situated in Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne across the road from the Standard hotel. 

The Standard Hotel became my regular eatery back then. I was going through my vegetarian stage and I could get a bowl of baked vegetable for $3!!! But I have fond memories of working along side great artists and musicians.

The 'Factory' as it was known,  owned by Sculptor, Peter Andrianakis, was shared with 2 ceramicist, 2 painters and a musician all working there.

Thanks to google images I have tracked down some images of the outside. Its a real pity that the smart phone wasn't around then. I would have some wonderful photos of that time. but memories will have to suffice.